Reduced Latency: Minimize latency for real-time applications, online gaming, and VoIP services, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Affordable Pricing: Get premium IP transit services at competitive prices, allowing you to optimize your online connectivity cost-effectively.

Custom Solutions: For businesses with unique requirements, inquire about our custom IP transit solutions tailored to meet specific needs.

High-Speed BGP Internet Connectivity: Experience blazing-fast internet speeds through IP transit services that deliver data at lightning-fast rates. We offer port speeds from 1G to 100G!

Multi-homed Redundancy: From AS26042. With our IP Transit service, you’re ensured a diverse network, with a fully redundant backbone.

The FiberState Guarantee: Same day LOAs, BGP included at no extra charge, dual stack IPv4 & IPv6.

BYOIP: Have your own IP addresses? No problem, with our network you can bring your own IP addresses, and we will announce them for you. 

Dark Fiber: Access to multiple dark fiber routes within the Salt Lake City metro area. Point to point wave service available nationally.

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